All Lands // Omnus Terra, NCECA 2017

Vicki Grima, Shelter 25; 2017, 25 sets of pinched forms, woodfired raku & stoneware clays, Lumina midfire porcelain, dark chocolate midfire clay, clear gloss glaze, Amaco saturation gold midfire glaze, gold lustre; photo: Greg Piper

Wednesday 22 –  Saturday 25 March 2017
All Lands // Omnus Terra – undiscovered ceramic work from Australia and America … mesmerising, mysterious objects from across the Pacific, connected through clay
Curated by Linda Fahey and Shannon Garson
Australian artists: Shannon Garson, Vicki Grima, Fiona Hiscock, Megan Puls, Jane Sawyer, Fleur Schell and Gerry Wedd
American artists: Joel Blum, Troy Bungart, Linda Fahey, Brett Freund, Michelle Gregor, Malia Landis and Crystal Morey
Gallery 114, 1100 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209, USA
T: +1 503-243-3356

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