Come along to my open studio!

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I look forward to opening my Botany studio to you for the first time. It is a small, quiet and peaceful space attached to my home, close to Sydney airport. I pinch small bowls which are made to nestle in the hand, but also to be used. The translucency of the mid-fire porcellaneous clay body is a sought-after quality of the small precious forms I make.

Ceramic brooches are also a favourite of mine, inspired by my collection of coral, shells and driftwood, and satisfying my obsession with repetitive patterning and gold lustre dots. When time permits, I also use various stoneware bodies to make forms which I fire in a wood kiln at Glenorie. All will be available on the ACOS weekend.

Montessa Maack and Rachael Rigg will also be displaying their work, so there will be loads to see!

We look forward to sharing a cuppa with you.

13 Ermington St Botany NSW 2019

T: 0419 250 282

Vicki in studio

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